The canine has more than 220 million olfactory receptors as compared to humans. This is the reason they can find the bed bugs quicker and easier than a human hand search. Bed bugs are a great nuisance. Our certified trained canines are capable of finding the bed bugs when humans cannot. Don’t wait. If you suspect that you have brought them home from holidays, call now, before the problem grows.

  • Q. Why if two people sleeping in a bed with bed bug and only one person gets bit?
  • A. We actually don’t know the answer, but in the photo of 100’s of bed bug and the person sleeping in it does not get one bite , and they move to other apartments to feed.
  • Q. When a K9 indicated on a mattress and with no visible signs of bugs or feces, what does that mean.?
  • A. We have to believe the dog because he will indicate on the residue that bugs leave in traveling. If the bug is empty and looking for food he will not drop feces.
  • Q. My apartment was check by K9 and no obvious presence of bugs, but there was an indication on my mattress.
  • A. 3 days later I have had calls where the homeowner has been bitten and there is blood spots on mattress. At that point an exterminator should be brought in.
  • Q. Why do we check vacuum cleaners?
  • A. In daily cleaning you can suck the bugs up inside. Your hand held and central vacuum cleaners are used and they pick up the bugs and they will get transported to the location where your vacuum is stored. Example – after checking the garage where vacuum’s were kept, and the dog had indicated on the handheld and not the central vac, the homeowner checked both vacuum’s and found a bug in the handheld. He chased me down the street to show me the bug in the hand held and yelling what should I do with it!!

There are many instances where dogs are questioned, but documented maintenance work and certifications have to be kept up to date.

  • Master Trainer and tester for the International Bed Bug Resource Authority.
  • Our dogs are trained on the eggs to adult stages of the bed bug.
  • Chart showing the fast growth of the Bed Bugs.

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