Bed Bug Dog Inspections

We provide bed bug inspections in Niagara, Hamilton, Burlington, Mississauga, Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener, London and all surrounding areas in Ontario. We are committed to providing high quality service at affordable pricing. Once confirmed the presence of any bugs, your preferred exterminator will take care of eradicating them. Dogs are known for delivering 95% accurate results.

If you suspect that you have come in contact with these pests, don’t wait. Call and have the K9 check out your premises. It is worth peace of mind at an affordable cost.

Are bed bugs bugging you?

Just call us. Canine bed bug detection is the modern, quick and cost-effective way to locate and eradicate the bed bugs from your property.

Our dogs are not ordinary dogs, rather they are experienced and well-trained by dog experts. They are capable of finding the odor of bed bugs and their eggs from every corner of your place. Our detectives can quickly detect the infestation from mattresses, closets, wall, underneath carpets and furniture. Our dogs and handler are independently certified with Eastern States Working Dog Association to ensure that dog is efficiently using its ‘smelling skills’.

Locating the Pests

Bed bugs are small and almost invisible to see. They are oval shaped, blood sucking insects that occupy spaces where people like to sleep. Once they are in your home, they are prone to multiply and upset and irritate the household until they are eradicated. Females can lay over 200 eggs during their life cycle which generally hatch in 6-10 days.

Bed bugs can appear in even the cleanest of homes, because they are easily transferred from place to place, such as hotels, luggage, theaters, and other public places. The bugs typically feed on sleeping people during the night. Their bites cause the skin to become inflamed and quite itchy, usually 3 bites in a row.

Our dogs are trained to detect the odor of the bugs and immediately alert the handler about the infested area. They perform the entire job without causing any damage to your furniture or other households. The dogs accurately pin point the exact location of the found pests, making the extermination process quick and easy.

Common Hiding and Feeding Spots of Bed Bugs – Remember you are their source of food.

Bed bugs are really good at hiding and it is sometimes difficult to locate them with human eyes. They generally hide within the mattresses, closets and underneath carpeting. They prefer to hide near their victims, so dogs are trained to first search the areas where people sleep or live more often. Our dogs indicate all the locations of live bugs and their eggs.

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